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  • Get a broad view and deep understanding of your clients. You can see all clients’ money flows, enriched with information from payment details and clients’ profiles.

  • Predefined suspicious patterns such as transactions circles, long chains and layering with splitting will be found automatically. We can implement any transactions based pattern detection and scenario based on your needs.

  • Get analysis results in an interactive report form that you can share with your colleagues and store in your systems for further work or audit.

  • Easy to navigate interface and functionality built by AML practitioners for real life tasks.


  • Based on Docker technology, Graphdo is very down-to-earth regarding hardware requirements and at the same time it can be easily scaled up on multiple servers to meet the needs of big institutions with hundreds and thousands users.

  • Flexible and reliable architecture ensures easy setup process. Graphdo can use information from any data source, from csv or txt files to SQL and No-SQL databases and Big Data platforms.

  • Graphdo core is based on the R programming language that is an industry standard for the data science. If our clients have additional requirements for the data processing or modeling, this can be easily integrated in the Graphdo system. From simple data cleaning to machine learning models for anomalies detection or clients classification – we can make it.


  • Graphdo can be installed on premises or as a SaaS in our cloud. In both cases, security is a top priority, all data remains in your systems.

  • Just show us your data source and we will connect to it. Graphdo is based on a simple data tables structure and schema, any institution can prepare necessary data in a few days.

  • Graphdo supports various user authorization methods: LDAP, OpenID, SAML and others. Login, data selection and data export are logged in your database for audit needs.

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